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Forms of an active participation:

  • reports, workshops, creative workshops, round tables.

Format of speeches:

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes or 50 minutes.

Admission fee

(the first part of JSS): 


  • total fee - 8000 rubles.

  • listeners of Jungian educational programs - 7000 rubles.

  • participation in the first conference day - 4000 rubles (for all categories of participants).



  • lecturers-500 rubles.

  • members of the UAAPP - 10%

Organising committee:

The principal of the Jungiansky Summer School:
Terentyeva Ekaterina Vladimirovna, 89222105020


The curator of reports:
Kabluchkova Tatyana Viktorovna, 89122187911


Design breadboard model:
Kononov Roman Alekseevich, 89043871678


The treasurer:
Lalajants Olga Petrovna, 89086317076


The co-ordinator of external relations:
Arefyeva Ljubov Pavlovna, 89222228700


Organizational support:

  • Shabalina Elena Jurevna, 89068040222

  • Nekrasova Larisa Jurevna, 89506571120

  • Putin Alexandr Pavlovich, 89024091068

  • Bushmakina-Bove Veronica Andreevna, 89655002847

  • Tretnikov Petr Vasilevich, 89193876270 ​


20-26 JULY, 2018


The Urals is a  frosty, harsh land with the old mountains,where there is a mysterious life,hidden from the prying eyes.  Bottomless cellars are still keeping their countless treasures. Now,as many centuries ago,there are people who are ready to risk and get the treasures. Our local legends and tales tell us about  those ,who are courageous and vigorous.
The Urals is known not only for its tales and treasures. This land is closely connected with the Russian history: there stopped the story of the last Russian tsar and began the story of the first president of Russia. And more than that it is the land of true masters: engineers and scientists, poets and musicians.



The Ural Jungian Summer School-2018  is dedicated to the psychological research of Father's  image and its place in individual and group activity of spiritual renewal.

This summer school is arranged for a ten year formation of the Ural association of analytical psychology and psychoanalysis.

We look forward to welcoming you at the meeting of Jungian Summer School-2018 and get up close with the Spirit of the Urals -ancient and modern,mysterious and uncovered.
New civilizations are born here, the East meets the West, and the Father revives day by day in culture,science ,technology and by all means  in depth psychology!

We invite you as a lecturer, a workshop and round table leader,and as a participant,who is an engaged member of intellectual,creative atmosphere of this event!

JSS-2018 logotype is "The Great Snake"

(authors: Roman Kononov, Veronica Bushmakina-Bowe)

The Thematic Field


  • Father's archetype: mythological, cultural, social and clinical aspects.The father's beginning in men and women in our modern society: between masculinization  of the female and feminization of the male.

  • The father's ideal through men's and women's impressions. Social cliche about father and fatherhood. Father's complex as a definition and a psychic reality.

  • "Holy Father" and "Father". Father's love and power: expectations, fears, reality between creativeness and tyranny (oppression). Father's authority tools and forms of father’s love. How is it possible not losing your selfhood, love the father and accept his love?

  • "Boy-Father of the man": routes and roadmaps from the boy to the man, from the father to the son-transgeneration of male identity.

  • Father’s image in Culture. Fantasies of ideal leaders:expectations and projections. "Tsar"/"Father of the nation". The place of the father's image in the Russian cultural complex.
    "Rejected Father": cultural mutations of the father's image.
    "False Father". Death and rebirth of the father's image in the sociocultural process. 
    Motives (causes) of regicides.

  • Father as a bearer of spirituality. Transformation of Spirit in domination, profession, creative work and everyday life. Phenomenon of "spiritual feudalism".

  • Father as Master and Master as Father. Attainment of mastery as an archetypical motive. Mastery as a form of spirituality. In the Shade of mastery: between imitation and perfectionism.

  • Means and arsenal as exponents of Father’s will and physical protuberances of Spirit. Spirituality of instrument and instrumentality of Spirit. Can technology be spiritual?

  • Gold: natural and spiritual, given and stolen. Interaction between Father’s and Mother’s archetypes. From "Sinyushka’s  Well" to "The Stone Flower". The role of Spirit in gold output. Unrecognized spiritual gold: in politics, culture, theoretical relations. Symbols of gold and gems in  fantasy and dreams.

  • The Ural mythology: universal and autochthonous motives.

Venue of Summer School  Conference (July, 20-22 ):

"Oktyabrskaya" Hotel, 17, S.Kovalevskaya str., Yekaterinburg

The hotel management  will make a discount for conference participants-20%(a code word: date and name of the conference).

Admission Fee (the second part of JSS - a trip over the Urals 23-26 July)


Participation fee:

  • 13000 rubles( the price can be  corrected due to the amount of participants and  program change)

Participants will be accommodated at the tourist centre "Trubnik" during the tour.

The Shedule


The admission fee

(the Second part of the JSS - a trip to the Urals

on July, 23-26):


Participation cost:

  • 13000 roubles (cost will be corrected depending on quantity of participants and changes in the program).

Residing (it is included in participation cost):

Hotel «Lesnoye pomestye», number type – «the double standard». More in detail...

The special guest of The JSS

Bernard Sartorius (Switzerland)


Jungian analyst, doctor of theology, Protestant pastor, supervisor and training analyst of the International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich (ISAP / Zurich, Switzerland).

He studied theology in Geneva, graduated from the Institute of CG Jung in Zurich, has 30 years of analytical practice.

He conducts active lecture and teaching activities in different countries.

He is the author of the book "Relié - Les grandes religions du monde 10 - l eglise orthodoxe", many articles on archetypal psychology on the themes of symbolism and religious differences between Islam and the Western world.

In 2014, he visited Yekaterinburg, where he held a seminar "Using Fairy-Tale Symbolism in Analytical Practice."

The report "The Labyrinth and the Minotaur is a missed opportunity of integrating masculinity for Western civilization":

"In the report, I will try to show how the archetypal structure of masculinity in Western civilization - especially thanks to the enormous power that is endowed with rationality - has already lost contact with the basic femininity, Mother Nature in ancient Greece. This missed opportunity is illustrated in the story of the labyrinth and the Minotaur. I will also talk about the interpretation of this myth by the Swiss writer Friederich Dürrenmatt. "

In the second part of the Jungian Summer School, Bernard Sartorius will conduct an open supervision at the "Lesnoye Pomestye" on July, 25th at 17:30.

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