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You are at the official website of the Ural Association of Analytical Psychology. You are welcomed to take part in any our projects.




  • An adaptable communicative environment’s creating, favouring the professional activities’ optimisation in the depth psychology field and professional skill developing of the UrAAP members.

  • Theoretical and applied aspects developing of the Jung’s metamodel.

  • Researching and practical use of the Analytical psychology and the modern Psychoanalysis two-way influence results.

  • Exploration of efficient interaction potential with other closely-related fields of knowledge (philosophy, social science, medicine, pedagogics etcetera).

  • Organization of efficient cooperation with other communities concerned with depth psychology.

  • Popularization of the Jungian psychology ideas and approaches and their social advancement.

  • Integration into the Russian and into the International Jungian movement.




  • Organization of supervisor’s support (professional mutual help).

  • Translations into Russian of jungian publications

  • Publication of the regular subject magazine (“Temenos”,  the miscellany of psycological articles).

  • Technical support of the information source “Ural Association of Analytical Psychology website”

  • Theme yearly conferences organization (twice a year periodicity).

  • Support and development of the UrAAP active projects.

  • Workshops conducting for local and arrived specialists.

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